Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grand Journey 2015

This past week I went to Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park with JasmineMimi, Lancing Darlene, and Anna! It was such a wonderful week and made me learn how to organize a trip aka get a personal Jasmine :-), that Air B&B is amazing and wonderful, how much food I eat, to bring an external iPhone charger to charge in the wild, to bring a couple of pairs of pants--not just shorts, not to pack a pillow, how beautiful storms are in Utah, and how to survive in one van with five other girls for a week. 

Look for the #GrandJourney2015 on Instagram to see our posts! Also, my new business e-mail is!

Here are some of my sketches, in no particular order. I'll be refining and making more for the gallery we'll be having for our Grand Canyon trip in the fall! 

Playlist: sounds from nature, and Wild Child! I did a quick cover of one of their songs recently :-)

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