Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Music

I posted this on my Instagram, but I didn't post this here! 

This piece is called "Music," because I love music!

I wanted to make some artwork for myself and did this outside of class (although I sat in on some classes to use the Cintiqs whenever I seemed to have freetime!) This was done in the a similar sort of style as "Grief," which I posted about earlier
I've been getting really into mixing mediums and collaging lately, so I had one of my roommates (a music major) bring home extra sheet music she didn't need, then tore it up and scanned it, and painstakingly digitally composed them into the swirls. I added real textures to all of the instruments (the guitar texture is from my guitar, and the French horn texture is even from a friend's french horn!) For cloth, I used the free texture site, Lost and Taken. For the girl's hair shine, I used an edited screenshot of sound waves I recorded in Garageband of me playing guitar--long process, and probably unnecessary, but I think it's cool and meaningful.
I drew the girl's dress to have music symbols (the top line is guitar frets, second is piano keys, third is drum siding, fourth is violin f holes).

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