Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In Maya 'Pinion...Modeling is Challenging and Also Fun

I'm taking Intermediate Modeling this semester, and I put it off for quite a while as I was having quite the struggle in Beginning Modeling and I didn't like going to work at school so much.  However, Intermediate Modeling is my favorite class right now!  And it's very fun to work at school and have classmates to help me as soon as I have a technical difficulty!

We started with modeling our own heads:
We worked with Maya and ZBrush. 

This week we finished modeling a character head!  I chose to model Belle (I like that she reads a lot, and the Disney style has been really interesting to me recently):
I'm like the Bellerophon of Maya, instead of Greek beasts!  (ZBrush I'm still figuring out.)

I'm learning so much!  

Playlist: Jenny Lewis, Feist, Broken Bells, Doug Paisley, Weezer (new album! Courtesy Tim!), Elizabeth & the Catapult, The Weather Station, Little Joy, Santana, Keane, Michael Johns

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