Monday, August 25, 2014

Jules Jammal Scholarship and Art Auction

The Jules Jammal Superhero Art Auction opened bidding yesterday!  Jules Jammal was a San José State University animation professor, and he passed away in February this year.  I took his Beginning 3D Animation class in 2013 and not once did he complain of his battle with pulmonary hypertension, but instead taught his class.  That in itself is quite humbling.  In fact, most of his students, including myself, had absolutely no idea Jammal was fighting the pulmonary hypertension in his superhero fashion.  It was like he had his own secret identity and "nemesis," in a way.  Jules was also an SJSU Animation/Illustration graduate and was even a Shrunkenheadman President as a student, too, and he did quite a lot for the club.

The Jules Jammal Superhero Art Auction is not only a beautiful tribute to Jules' superhero qualities, but also a great legacy of Jules through funding The Jules Jammal Scholarship, which recognizes SJSU Animation/Illustration students who illustrate Jules' superhero qualities.

Here's the link to the auction site, but some pieces can only be bid on at the live auction, which is September 6 (6pm-10pm) in the SJSU (new!) Student Union Ballroom.  Also at this live auction is a chance to get your Jules Jammal Superhero Art Gallery Art Book signed by the artists, each of whom are SJSU A/I alumni!

Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner!

The title refers to a family joke.  So, if you don't know it then we're probably not related. Anywho, I recently helped my friend, Lucas, founder of Bay Area Hero, by doing some photo editing!  It was a surprisingly fun commission to work on!

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