Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stuff I Drew

My pen ran out of ink drawing this, so the tree and the bushes 
in the foreground aren't finished, but that's life I guess.

Done in pencil, because [see above].

I drew the blue people at Costco while eating that $1 non-fat froyo they sell there.  A trio of the elderly decided to sit at the table I was eating at.  I wrote down some of what they said, because they were so entertaining:

A: Tomorrow you have dialysis. Do you just sleep?
B: ?
A: When you have dialysis--
B: --Tomorrow
A: No. When you have dialysis, do you just sleep?

C: McDonald's has senior coffee! All the asians line up.

A [talking about their Costco froyo's swirl]: There's a hold in there! A hole!

C: Your's is ice cream and mine is yogurt.

(Note that this bit is after many minutes of discussing ice cream and froyo, among other things)
B: When I come back I just lay down.
C: You're not supposed to eat ice cream! The doctor said no!

C: He was a model in Italy.
A: What is he now?
C: An insurance salesman.

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