Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Sketchbook Filled...

These are sketches from the end of last semester till a couple days ago from my not-for-BFA sketchbook.  I'm putting more variety in my for-the-BFA sketchbook, because I had too many people drawings and so started to use this now-finished sketchbook for them.  I'll post some of that sketchbook's pages once the semester starts!  

The day after finals, one of my awesome teachers took us to the DeYoung Museum and showed us how to study paintings and paint discreetly inside a museum.

Drawings from photos. There is a definite "Arrested Development" theme. I'm really excited for the 4th season!

These are some of the rest of the drawings from the sketchbook.
I'm really excited for school to start again!  I miss all my classmates and teachers and of course learning to be a better artist!

Playlist: Sia, Broken Bells

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