Thursday, December 13, 2012


Finished 113A today!  Great class, and simultaneously frustrating.  I left a lot of dead brushes in my wake, but I learned a lot.  I'm going to miss Inga-lish, "BS stories," and random interruptions from other professors.

We did a black and white of a still life first, then color comps, and a final in color.  In short, ovals are hard.

Black and White
"Analogous" Color composition

Color (Analogous) Final

The Other 15 Color Compositions:
"Your own choice"
"Frozen Value"
"50% Saturation"
"Frozen Hue/Monochromatic"
"Full Saturation"
"Complementary (Warm/Cool)"
"Split Complement"
"High Key"
"Low Key"
"Middle Key"
"Atmospheric Perspective"
"Bad Color"
"Master Palette" (Used DeLacroix's "Liberty")

Playlist: Kate Earl, Feist, The Shins, Spoon, Keane, The Bird and the Bee

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