Monday, October 15, 2012

Black and White Still Life! And Drapery!

We've been working for about a month on this black and white still life project.  I posted some in-progress pictures earlier, but here is the final product!

(I don't have the BEST camera--this is actually darker in real [still] life)

I also drew some more drapery!  Cool beans.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

112B Portfolio #1/Figure Drawing

For this portfolio I stayed, for the first time, to the end of a figure drawing session at school.  We had to include four 20 minute poses.  I'm not too pleased with my gestures and figures yet--have to trace more--but I like the portrait I did!  Here are some of the pieces from the portfolio and from recent figure drawing sessions:

10 min

20 min

REALLY like how the guy's right leg came out,
even though it's just a gesture/layin thing.

2 hour portrait from photo

Playlist: Adele, Rilo Kiley, Camera Obscura, Feist, Mumford and Sons, First Aid Kit

Monday, October 1, 2012

24 Hour Animation Contest!

Wow, I worked with a team on a 30 second animation in 24 hours and we got an Honorable Mention!  This was a fun experience, and each member of our team had specialties we really needed.  I don't animate well, but I can do backgrounds and sound (I didn't do the last background though--that genius was all Samia).

Team Captain's post