Monday, September 10, 2012


The Animation/Illustration program has:
566 students,
5 classrooms

Yes, our program is already nationally and internationally known and esteemed, but imagine how much more incredible we could be with room to grow as a department!  We'd get even better schooling and training, and therefore would be more likely to be employed.  Increases in employees means a better economy.  Really.

Today the Animation/Illustration Shrunken Head Man club employed first amendment rights and, like a life-sized Snake game, went to the president's office to ask to be made into a department.

I didn't take any pictures of the huge amount of participants, but this guy did:

Ooh, sorry for the bad composition here...
The president wasn't in/didn't come out, so we went to our new dean's office.  She was in, but we were not all seen and had to leave.  It was really interesting to see the Shrunken Heads filling up so much of the building, yet keeping quiet and out of the way of students.

There's a petition you can sign, (and please do!) though I'm guessing if you look at this blog, you've probably already signed it:

In less dramatic news, this sticker:

And in kind of cool news, I'm in a band now!  It's called Hi-5s and Handshakes.

This is the first original song I took part in.  It took three days, but I enjoyed the whole experience!  I helped write lyrics, and sang the parts that aren't Jeiji.  Here's the song, "Chopstick Drum":

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