Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Scanner Works!

I used to use my printer paper tray as a shelf, which was not good for rolling objects and gravity.  Or when I printed something and didn't move "shelved" things.  That is how I've lost a couple of pencils, pens, and pen nibs.  I printed something a couple of days ago though, and after some disturbing noises from my printer and hitting cancel, the paper I pulled out had a long-lost piece of blue tape neatly rolled up and stuck to my page.  So, I found that at least.  Now all that is still in my printer are a couple of pen nibs!

Anyways, I've gradually been e-mailing myself photos from this summer (I don't have a smart phone so sending pictures takes a while..)!

Here are some pictures from the Harry and the Potters/Potter Puppet Pals show:

Poster!  They let us keep some.
Admittance stamp.  This also meant I wasn't buying alcohol. 
Harry, Hagrid, the Dursleys
Voldemort and Harry
"Bother bother bother!"
"Naked time"

Neil Cicierega signed my sketchbook for me!
My sister didn't have paper so he signed it twice.
 Speaking of naked time...figure drawings!

Head drawing:

Drapery watching:

People watching:

Plant watching:

Building watching:

One of the classes I'm taking this semester is a painting class.  We're using acrylics, and really only black and white right now, but it's very fun!  We painted outside the second time today, and it was very cold.  The first time it was very hot.  Hmm..

1st outside painting session:


I really dislike this painting.

Quick grayscale
The main project for the class is the Still Life Project.  My still life is Study Night, thus plenty of coffee,   an olio of other stuff study-ish, and naturally, drapery--because drapery is as much a part of studying as coffee..

Picture of pictures of my still life.
The graphite paper post-trace.
The thing I looked at and wondered
where 75% of the shapes were in the picture.
Black wash, and starting white wash.
Teacher demoed a bit on the Starbucks cup.

Also, this morning I saw an opossum.  These people did, too, and they stared at it.
This picture is so clear.

Saw some graffiti on an art classroom wall:

Playlist: Kansas, Feist, Young the Giant, Sia, Lindsey Pavao

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