Sunday, July 15, 2012


There's a really cool horse show coming called "Cavalia," and I got the opportunity to see some of the horses arrive and perform.  The horses really made me happy and reminded me of when I was about 10 and obsessed.  There were several little girls with tiny purses that held tiny stuffed animal horses, and they were decidedly excited.

These horses are cared for very very well by riders who love them and that also made me happy, for both.  I really want to see the whole performance now!


The horses get flown in sometimes.  I've seen similar drawings of
animals carried like this (most recently Naga from "The Legend
of Korra"!) and this is my drawing of that.  Sort of.

The horses moved a lot, to see all the people taking pictures of them, so many of my drawings got stopped midway.  Interestingly, they all seemed to stop at the same part.

Paint horse.  One eye was blue.

Guy leaning in upper left; Roman riding on the rest of the page.

When I finished this drawing, I said "Thank you" to the horse,
who proceeded to turn around and face me with his rear.  Diva.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Sketchbook 2012 (Part #2)

Delaware (continued)



Boston Duck Tour. Our duck's name was Olga.

People on the Duck Tour.

Beantown Pub "The only place you can enjoy a San Adams
while sitting across from Sam Adams."  His grave was across the street.
We watched the Euro Cup game and drank Shirley Temples,
but unfortunately Shirley was not across the street.

Train to NY

Natural History Museum


Plane ride back

I watched a short film called "Waffles" and drew the actors.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Summer Sketchbook (Part 1)

This has been a very busy summer!  We recently got back from a trip to the East Coast, and now I've got work, but in between that and reading and drawing more, I've been scanning my sketches!  Here's some now:

This was during a staff training meeting for VBS,
where I was Co-Art Director!

 En route to NYC!
From the plane ride.  I drew a lady's forehead,
but then she moved or something, and I made up the rest.

View from the place we stayed in NY.

Experimenting with the brush pen at the Metro
of a guy at the ATM.

Subway people.  I liked that the little boy had sunglasses,
but he moved a lot.  Hence the sleeping lady.

We went on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

I drew some more people in line.

I started drawing a wonderfully obese woman as we started boarding,
but then--as unlikely as it should have been--I lost her in the crowd and
couldn't finish.  The drawing on the left is a quick NY skyline while on
a moving ferry.

On the way back, I drew the people looking at the Statue of Liberty.

Somebody in the man with a bottle's group noticed I was drawing.
She said I was "very good and fast" and her other friend asked to keep
the drawing but I couldn't because I liked the drawings on the other
side of the paper.

I decided I really love brush pens.

Myrna was a drug-sniffing yellow labrador outside the ferry.

From the NBC studio tour, pre-tour (we
weren't even allowed to sketch during it!)

More people from around.

Waiting for a train.

She got mad at her boyfriend for not coming back with
food sooner and gave him the silent treatment.  No lie.



Body's too small, but I caricatured a guy's face while he was waiting for food.

En route to Delaware

(Turn sideways for right half--it's just a picture of an
old woman and a closeup right in front of that.)

Beach houses aka practice on slowing down.

Drew things my little cousin demanded I draw,
then she painted it with my water brush.

Cousin's dog; cousin

People at the beach; rotate 90ยบ to understand that the
bundle in the lower left is a sitting lady smoking.

The sideways guy on the upper left took about ten
trips to the ocean to fill a bucket with water.

My poor brush pen started to get dry!

Hula hooper at the boardwalk

I was wearing a Gryffindor Quidditch shirt, and some
Santa-esque guy exclaimed, "Gryffindor! Alright!"  Hence, the quote.

That's about a quarter of my sketchbook scanned.  More to come!  In the meantime, I'll continue reading "Battle Royal" by Koushun Takami.  Really good read, fyi.