Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pen & Ink Project

Finished!  This 4 week pen and ink illustration was ultimately very fun!  This was my favorite 112a assignment.  We started in early April!  Here's the process of my illustration of "As I Was Going to St. Ives"
100+ thumbnails
4 best ideas:
Upper left: a guy--B--has to wait behind the husband--A--who is purchasing wives and cats.
Upper right: A has to take B's family picture
Lower left: A pushes B aside before his 7 wives see the jewelry store
Lower right: A has his wives and their cats on a plane ride B has to endure

I chose the plane concept, and the main theme was 'annoying'--the worst plane ride ever.  I got rid of the cats, and unfortunately had to take the wives from out of the overhead bins to make the concept clearer.  My professor kept asking why the husband didn't just buy the wives seats, and the wives also looked like hostages or like they were dead.

After many other composition choices, Annoying became this:
Half-sized pencil rendering.  The husband was Ryan Gosling,
but then I changed him to be more generic.
Full-sized pencil rendering
Starting to ink.  On the left is an ink practice.
The right was my final, until about 4 hours in, a splat!
Try #5, I think.

Made one face too dark, but after some clever handiwork...

Playlist (this was a 4 week project, so there was a lot of music): Miike Snow, Hockey, The Shins, Lindsay Pavao, The Black Keys, Animal Kingdom, Norah Jones, Beck, Keane, Passion Pit, MGMT, Tony Lucca, Maroon 5, Alex Clare, Meiko (new cd!), Staind, Metric, Aqualung

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