Monday, April 16, 2012

More Pen and Ink

James Montgomery Booth master copy
Alphonse Mucha master copy (he didn't really work entirely in pen and ink,
so I invented many of the lines for the shading).

Alphonse Mucha master copy

Here are the 4 final ideas I had for my pen and ink illustration:

A guy passing the man with seven wives who are asking for a group picture.

The narrator waiting in a very long line for a man to buy his seven wives and all of his cats.

The polygamist pushing the narrator out of the way to rush pass the jewelry store his wives are just noticing.

A man storing his wives in an airplanes overhead compartments.

I'm going with the airplane concept but now just need to make the best composition and best picture for the story.

Playlist: Of Monsters and Men

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