Saturday, March 10, 2012

Red Heads

I've been drawing more portraits for 112a.  They're called Red Heads because they are heads drawn in burnt sienna Carb-Othello (reddish).  When I was younger, I used to really dislike drawing people, and drew dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.  Now, I love drawing people more than animals!  Everybody is so different, but has so much in common, if that makes sense.

These are my homework assignments for the week:

 My favorite part is putting in the highlights with white Carb-Othello pencil.

There are so many complicated aspects to the human face, and ambiguous expressions (smiling but not happy, tentative, confident and worried, etc.), and it's really nice when a person's likeness has been captured.

Next week I'm starting the infamous Reversal Project, so I may not update as frequently.  I'm hoping to do a Great Depression photograph.

Playlist: Sia, Doug Paisley

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