Monday, March 5, 2012


Shadow shapes were really fun to draw in class today!  We drew pictures of ourselves and of classmates with Carb-Othello pencils.

However, we also learned that next week we're going to start the infamous Reversal Project (starting with a charcoal-covered paper, we erase the drawing out of it; estimated drawing time is 40+ hours).

This drawing from class captures my feelings about this:

In other news, I went home this weekend.  My sister went to an overnight camp and my parents dropped her off while my other and sister and I took out the trash.  She forgot to close the gate, though, and our golden retriever wandered outside and just sat in the driveway staring at the street.  I think she missed everyone.
(She's the tan blob above our black lab.)

She looked so ashamed when we called her back inside!

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