Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Break [Edited]

At the beginning of Winter Break I went with the church group I'm part of at school to Santa Cruz for a fantastic retreat.  I'll put more pictures from that trip later.  Here are a couple that I took:

Here are some pictures some friends took:

Photo by Jeiji

Photo by Jeiji
(I was drawing one of the buildings.)

And everyone in sight. (Photo by Jeiji)

I was drawing for a while... (Photo by Sean)
Ran around in freezing water. That was fun, but I couldn't feel my feet for a while.
(Photo by Sean)

Group picture! (Photo by shivering stranger--Sean's camera)

Great retreat and I'm really happy to have gotten invited to SJCA.  It's a truly great second family.

 * * *

I've still been drawing.  Here are some more superheroes I drew recently:

Last week I went to Boot Camp at Sheldon's Art Academy.  I flew out to LA and stayed with a friend. I had a great time drawing for hours on end, even if I had to listen to Cat Stevens all day.

Drew a person at the airport.

I liked the graphic of the tripping person.
Of course, while taking this picture, I tripped and ran
right into the guy in front of me, no lie.
 My friend, her mom, and I went to Whole Foods to get food for the week.  I hadn't been to Whole Foods in a while, so I don't know if these labels are typical, but I thought they were funny for one reason or another, and took several pictures of them.  My friend's mom thought I was weird.

Before Boot Camp, this is how I did gestures:

After drawing from photos at Boot Camp, Sheldon said this gesture was pretty good, and I think that's when I had an epiphany.

From a photo

From a photo

From a photo

From a photo

From a photo

From photos; notes
I was running out of paper in my sketchbook,
so I drew on pages I'd previously drawn superheroes on.
From photos
A really useful activity we did was a collaboration between three people.  One would draw the layin, a second the construction, and a third would finish the drawing with Cal State Cools, etc.
From photos. (I wrote "wee! I think I'm getting it!")

From photo; collaboration

From photo; collaboration
 We had two live models.  Here are some of the figure drawing I did of them:

My personal favorite drawing.

Copied some Rockwell faces.
I drew more people at the airport for the return flight:

This guy was pushing two wheelchairs.
Bootcamp Playlist: Day 1: Mumford and Sons; Day 2: ABBA, and someone that sounded like Graham Parker; Day 3: ABBA, Phil Collins; Day 4: Cat Stevens.  When I say "Day," I mean it.  We listen to these artists all day on a loop...

My playlist since returning: The Black Keys, Ingrid Michaelson, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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  1. Awesome! You can really see the improvement in the gestures!!!