Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drawing With Friends

Yesterday I went drawing with friends.  It's nice to just get together and draw.  Conversation is optional, and as I'm someone who really dislikes small talk, that's nice.  When we talk, it's about art stuff or life, not the weather.  Or it's about how strange a squirrel is:

This squirrel was somehow interesting enough to stare at for 10 minutes.  It was really fat, and very itchy.  It kept scratching itself and rubbing its belly, and it live in this, er, interesting piece of modern art on the Art Building with another squirrel.

We went to draw at an oversized monopoly board with non-perfect cube dice..  I played around with my Prismacolor gray marker a lot.

There were many animal sculptures around, so I drew the hawk:

Drew my dog (Koa) later, but she wouldn't stay looking up long enough, despite me making my sister talk in weird voices so Koa wouldn't move.

Playlist: Lana Del Ray, The Black Keys, Of Monsters and Men, Broken Social Scene

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