Sunday, January 1, 2012

Boot Camp 2012

Leaving for Boot Camp tomorrow.  To my family's disappointment, it's not related to physical exercise at all.  It's actually an art boot camp of intense figure drawing.  I'm so excited!  I'll be staying with a friend, too, so that'll be fun as well.  I really hope to understand "Cal State Cool," to practice over the rest of my break after Boot Camp.

After posting the old pictures of superheroes I drew, I picked up the DC Comics Encyclopedia again and quickly got re-engrossed in all the characters.  It probably helped that we'd just watched X-Men: First Class.

I've been drawing more characters now.  I ask my sisters to say a letter, then I look at that section of heroes/villains, and choose one or two to draw.  Now I want to get the Marvel encyclopedia (I LOVE X-Men).

In other news, I finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern early this morning (1am-ish).  It was pretty good.  The story was a bit slow, but the writing was full of message and meaning and symbolism that I haven't yet digested.  Hang on, the ball is dropping in the New York City countdown replay PST..Ok, done.  I still don't see why gravity and a sphere are impressive.  Ok, back to The Night Circus.  Something I really liked about the novel was the design of the book--the font, and the section dividers, and, yes, even the smell.  The book was clearly written by an artist, there was so much color symbolism and fully-realized detail (the Midnight Dinners!)  I recommend it, especially for someone who likes travel, and period books.  It's not for people who like more action/thriller books.

Happy New Year everyone!  I'll write about Boot Camp next week!

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