Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Stuff-Part 3

This Old Stuff is more hand-drawn, and all but the door handle are personal "projects":

The day I didn't bring a crossword puzzle to do in
math class a while ago, I brought a sketch book.
Again, this is from a while ago.  And we were studying functions.
Note that I do not know your mother, and this is not meant to offend her.

A relative gave me a very cool book a couple of years ago: 
Picture from Amazon
And I drew a lot of superheroes from it:
I don't know who this is.

Or this.  But I thought both of them were cool.

A drawing of a door handle.
I entered a comic contest a couple of years ago and here are some of the comics I drew (not all were entered):

Not all of them were funny, either...

I didn't (and don't) want to offend people with this, I just thought that
blind people would be really good at in-the-dark hide-and-seek and deaf people would be really good at charades.

Note: it's difficult to think of funny and make it into a comic.
This kind of psychologist setup will show up again shortly...

These next two were my favorites of the bunch I submitted:

Remember what I said about it being difficult
to think of funny and make it into a comic?...
 I made Christmas cards last year for some of my art class friends.  Some highlights:
(On front of card)

(Inside; The frog is because the friend's favorite animals were frogs.)

(On front of card)

And just something else I drew a while ago:

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