Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Stuff-Part 2

So, apparently I have a lot more pictures of old artwork than I thought.  I'm going to post what I found in this incredibly long post now.  There's a "click for more" button partway through, fyi.

My Color Theory class last fall required a rainbow made only of saturated colors from magazines/printed material.  It was very difficult cutting the pieces just right and transitioning the colors (which were difficult to find the right size of in most magazines).  I had to use some pieces of an Office (the show) calendar that I had.  Then I took a ton of pictures of the rainbow throughout, playing with the focus of the camera.

Still have to do blue-green to violet...


From the other side.

Another angle

Mounted, final rainbow

Same in grayscale
 These are pictures of my desk during a color mixing and negative/positive-space project:

In 2-D Design last fall, we had to use images of a meaningful place and turn it into positive and negative space, just black and white, but in such a way that you couldn't tell whether the black or white was the positive space.

I chose pictures from a China trip I took in 2010:

Photo taken by a friend.

Photo taken by a friend.

Small versions


Yet another

In the 2-D class, we also had to choose an animal and draw it in four styles, focusing on line.  This was probably my favorite assignment in the class.  The styles were (clockwise) Disney, Dürer, Chloe Piene, and robot.  I chose a wallaby:

Disney style



Chloe Piene

We did some another line project combining compositions and styles:
Arturo Herrera Disney style
I can't remember what these three were, though:

Some interesting angles of the above artwork:

 Positive/negative space with a grid:
 Workspace during a Color Theory class project:

 We chose an art piece, and found the main colors, then mixed said colors.  We cut out proportional amounts of the colors: 

 Then, we painted something ourselves with the proportional amount of the colors:

I don't have a picture of the art piece, but here's a picture of the project without that:

Another 2-D Design project was to do three blind contours of ourselves, then paint them in grayscale low-key, middle, and high key, in gouache:

Took a very long time, but I like painting.  The portraits are kind of disturbing to me, but that's blind contours for ya!

My professor displayed some of the projects in the art building, including mine!

This got displayed, too:

Took around 8 hours.
(Both displayed pieces were in good company, fyi.)

One of the final project in Color Theory was to stipple a drawing the professor made of interweaving strands, making them look 3-D and using techniques we'd learned.  We could only use red, blue, and yellow paint, but could mix them to be the secondary colors.  Complimentary colors were used for shading.  I stippled with a variety of tools, but stuck mostly with the ends of paperclips (provided by a generous roommate):

I also don't have a final picture of this project, sorry!  I gave the project to my dad, and maybe I can find it and take a picture later.

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