Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final Animation

So I made an animation.  Originally, I was composing music for it, but while I was doing that, "E-Pro" by Beck came on my iTunes, and it worked better.  This animation is the final for ANI 28.

[See next post for better quality video]

I'll get back to posting my sketches after finals.  

[I've got to write three in-class essays tomorrow for one class, then about ten short answers for the same class (yeah, two finals for one class) the next day.  I've also got a final tomorrow night (till 10 PM!) and also my ANI 28 final (this project) on Thursday.  Fun stuff.]

Also, my url is now

Animation: 99.9% complete
Playlist: Sia, Feist, Mumford and Sons, Beck, She & Him, Kansas, Michael Johns