Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleeping Flash Horse and VFD

I saw Pascal Campion present today!  The highlight was when he did a demo on Adobe Flash.  He's so made illustrating look so easy.  He doesn't use much (if any) reference, his perspective is simple and yet works, and he's fast!   I thought I could draw something cool in Flash, too--but you can see that I need some more practice:

I was feeling (and am feeling) tired--it's been a long week.
I wanted to draw an animal, so I drew a horse.  I couldn't figure out how to control the transparency of the drool, so that's really interacting with the orangey brown of the horse and also makes the horse look a bit rabid...

 I'm going to try to draw things like this more often-- Pascal makes a Sketch a Day.  I would like to do that, too!  I know practice and using my imagination regularly is important!  I don't know if can post a drawing every day, but I will certainly draw more now.  Maybe I'll build up to it, and get fast enough to make something interesting quickly!

In other news, yesterday I met Daniel Handler!  He wrote "A Series of Unfortunate Events"--fantastic reads.  His writing has very dry humor, and he himself is quick with jokes.  I laughed pretty much the whole presentation.  Plus, what other author really poses for all the pictures he takes?

Daniel Handler (left) and me (right) contemplating Madame Bovary and other  minutia.
We are being Very* Fine Detectives.
Photo by Not-me (a roommate).
*very very very very very very very very very very very very...

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