Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Some location studies

Library (looking behind a desk)
Kitchen (that's a plant and rolling chair in the foreground)
I've been going to figure drawing sessions to work on figure drawing and gestures.  I actually think I improved a little during this last session, and I can actually see a change with each page!

Today I did some gestures while watching "Breaking Bad" (season 2) and they seem more gestural, too!

I've also been working on illustrating a book, and did some very quick character sketches.
Character sketches
I got a bit of inspiration from Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes, too, actually: when you beat the game, you can see character designs for the cast of the game!  I'm very excited to use Photoshop for the characters I'm drawing!

In ANI 28, we're starting animation.  Our first animation is to animate a ball bounce, and then animate another ball bounce.  I have to do physics research this weekend for a good animation.

Playlist: Beatles, Feist, Beck

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