Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maroon 5 Concert

This isn't really drawing, but it's art.  I recently went to a Maroon 5 concert.  They're my favorite band.

I like other artists and duos, but Maroon 5 is #1 for bands in my book.  I've been a fan since about 2005 and was very excited when I learned Adam Levine would be on The Voice.  They would be (re)introduced to more people (again)!

Maroon 5 writes their own songs, and sounds the same live as on cds, which is rare today.  They also don't use Autotune.

Adam Levine
I saw them live last year as well, and that was amazing.  They were touring with OneRepublic, who surprised me by being terrific live as well.  This concert, however, Maroon 5 preceded (!) Train.  I don't like Train.  They've got a couple of hits I don't mind, but I don't tell people to quiet down in the car to listen to them.

Weirdest bit was when the lead singer covered Rihanna's "Umbrella."  I also realized watching them that the lead singer was very into himself (he got a bunch of girls up on stage to dance with him, did a bunch of hokey "Give me your camera and I'll take a picture of you and me" bits).

James Valentine
Anywho, Maroon 5's members are also cool because some of them play more than one instrument.  I'm pretty sure they all do some backup vocals (they all had mics), but Jesse Carmichael played guitar and keys this concert, and Adam Levine played guitar and sang.  On The Voice, though, Adam demonstrated he can play drums, too.

Picture by my sister
Another highlight of Maroon 5 concerts are the guitar battles between James Valentine and Adam Levine.  Both are exceptional guitar players, but I think James Valentine is incredibly under-appreciated.  He was a huge contributor to "She Will Be Loved" you know.

Well, I'll post more art later--have to do three location studies by Tuesday, after all.

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